Twigz Creations


"Twigz has an emphasis on social responsibility... we believe in "Trade Replaces Aid". When you see a child with a bloated belly, your heart will ache and you will feel the need to give. While giving will help at that moment, the next day, the next week, the next month, the next year, that child's economic situation often requires continuous donations. This is the issue with much of Africa, as aid has become a major (and unhealthy) part of the everyday economy!

At Twigz, we are determined to replace this kind of giving that perpetuates poverty and continues to keep Africa dependent on aid. Instead, we believe in wealth creation through trade. When you buy our African jewellery and products that are genuinely made in Africa, and bought from individuals at the grassroots level in Africa, you become the investor that brings dignity and freedom to our African brothers and sisters.

Today we are proud to state that we continue to grow using this philosophy, to date we've helped over 100 men and 500 women artists in Uganda and Kenya, bringing their products to western markets. We continue to embrace (and practice) fair wages, home based businesses, advancement, training, and most importantly, dignity in the workplace.

All of this leads to the meaning behind our company name, "Twigz". The name Twigz symbolizes the end of a tree branch, where you'll find seeds, fruit, or leaves. Seeds represent hope for the future. Fruit represents prosperity. Leaves represent growth and healing.

At Twigz, every purchase leads to hope, prosperity, and growth/healing for countless individuals in Africa, and ultimately the entire nation."

(an excerpt from the Twigz website-