Our Partners

The primary reason The Intersection exists, and the motivation that keeps us going is our partners... the people who directly benefit from the purchases. We're talking about women in Cambodia who've been rescued from trafficking, former child soldiers in Uganda who are being restored, artisans in Haiti who can feed their families through their work, women in Albania who sleep peacefully at night because their work protects them from being sold, and many more. These people are the heartbeat of our business. They are the reason we do what we do. Click some of their links below to read a bit more about them.
Marquet                Twigz Creations            GoGo Olive           Stitching to Save
Krochet Kids International            Sari Bari             Freeset             Didi Bahini
Global Wonders           House of Harmony             Sudara              Sak Saum
Just One               Albania Hope                Good Paper             Swahili Imports
2nd Story Goods                                          Matr Boomie