Krochet Kids International

Clothing manufacturing has become nameless and faceless, but the people behind your products are anything but. Krochet Kids wants to humanize the apparel industry, to celebrate people and to better connect our world and shoppers to the makers of their products.

Formed from the unison of the products that are created, partners and the community, the goal of Krochet Kids is to break the cycle of poverty by providing life-changing job opportunities to those in need. 

Started in 2007, Krochet Kids Intl. is a brand of Known Supply, meaning that all of their products are produced at Known Supply facilities. Over the last decade Krochet Kids have employed hundreds of people over Uganda and Peru to create a broad array of gifts that give back. The products that are created abroad have been brought to places around the globe to create a cycle of employment and empowerment.

This work was founded on the belief that jobs can change lives. Fair wages restore dignity for individuals and provide tangible pathways out of poverty. Krochet Kids started their own production facilities to ensure this impact and then established partnerships to help further their social impact by providing additional education and social services

Lima, Peru

Since 2010, Krochet Kids have operated out of a factory on the south side of Lima, Peru. The purpose is to provide meaningful job training and employment to women who otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to work. All product apparel is made at that facility, which also provides childcare for the women who work at the factory.

Gulu, Uganda

After decades of rebel violence and civil war, the people of Northern Uganda have been working to build peace and make a new path forward. Ten years ago the founders of Krochet Kids started this production facility and community development project to put people to work through the brand Krochet Kids Intl. Just as it was then, the goal is to restore dignity and come alongside the dreams of people in this region so they can build a new future for their children and community.